QMA started its activity in 1991


     At present QMA integrates more than 50 companies, enterprises and organizations that are directly included in it or closely cooperate with it. More than 38 countries, including USA, France, Germany and Israel, apply the technology of quantum medicine developed by the Quantum Medicine Association.



QMA is active on several fronts:

  •      - development and implementation in a broad medical practice effective, non-drug, ecologically safe, non-invasive and painless methods of quantum therapy and diagnostics
  •      - development and production of quantum medicine equipment
  •      - scientific and educational activities to promote and implement in a broad medical practice the newest achievements of quantum medicine




What is Quantum Medicine?

     Quantum Medicine is a new effective scientific direction which has started its rapid development in the early 90-ies.

     At present, quantum medicine can be defined as a complex of knowledge, means and methods based on the use of different types of bio-stimulating low level electromagnetic radiations and fields, safe for human being, quantum processes and wave information properties of living matter.

     Especially interesting results were obtained in the research of simultaneous effects of several types of irradiation on the body. It was proved, for example, that the simultaneous action of pulsed laser radiation, broadband infrared irradiation, red, blue, green visible light and static magnetic field causes an enhanced therapeutic effect as compared with the same irradiations used separately.

     Summarizing the numerous scientific and clinical studies, the effectiveness of quantum medicine methods can be explained by the fact that exposure of specially selected combination of electromagnetic radiations repairs the weak and sick body's cells, moving them up into a stable, genetically predetermined steady condition. And in some cases production of new young cells replacing the dying ones is stimulated.

     For twenty years the Quantum Medicine Association has worked out a large methodical material for application of quantum therapy in clinics and at home. That allows using our techniques in practically all areas of medicine:

  •       - surgery
  •       - orthopedics and traumatologyrikta milta
  •       - gynecology
  •       - urology
  •       - cardiology
  •       - neurology
  •       - sports medicine
  •       - pediatrics
  •       - gastroenterology
  •       - cosmetology


Quantum medicine – this is:


  •     - millions of patients who felt the beneficial effect of quantum therapy devices
  •     - thousands of patients eliminated the need for surgical intervention
  •     - hundreds of national, world and Olympic records set by the athletes thanks to the quantum medicine technology
  •     - strength and dignity of men, charm and beauty of women, health and happiness of children
  •     - active aging

Impact of quantum therapy


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