Institute of Quantum Medicine

     In accordance with the Decision of the 4th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference on quantum medicine, due to the high clinical efficiency and prospects, widespread practice in the medical world  and eco- friendly methods  of quantum medicine, the 5th National  Conference decided  to adopt  the International public organization - the Institute of Quantum Medicine.


The Institute of Quantum Medicine is a non-profit  public alliance established on a voluntary/freewill basis initiated by citizens of Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and France to protect common  interests and common goals  in the development of equipment and methods of quantum medicine, as well as for the widest possible implementation of these methods and equipment in medical practice.


     Result of member’s activity is to improve people’s health by using ecologically clean drug-free medical technologies.


     Institute of Quantum Medicine  is medical  educational  as well as science and production association  organized for invention of new medical technologies and their implementation in a wide clinical practice in Russia and abroad.


      In addition to production and marketing departments  of the Institute there are some  explore clinics, which carry out the development, clinical testing of the new medical technologies and training of professionals - medical practitioners.


Structure of the Institute of Quantum Medicine

  •       - Explore clinics
  •       - Explore sports bases
  •       - Educational sector


 Main objectives of the institute of quantum medicine

  •      - set up optimum  for coordination of research and development in the field of quantum medicine;
  •      - help forward the development of new equipment and new medical technologies for quantum medicine;
  •      - assistance to medical institutions and medical staff  in application of quantum therapeutic and diagnostic technologies;
  •      - assistance in supplying equipment and methodical materials on the quantum medicine to medical institutions;
  •      - summarizing and promoting  experience of various medical institutions in the field of quantum medicine;
  •      - to give members of the Institute of Quantum Medicine methodical , organizational, advisory  and legal assistance; protecting the rights of members of the Institute in the executive authority and legislature;
  •      - promotion of contacts among national and international Associations involved in similar sectors with the aim of coordinating activities to achieve common objectives in the field of quantum medicine;
  •      - promote increase in popularity and prestige of the latest environmentally friendly medical technologies.


Main forms of activity

  •      - organization of conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops for professionals involved in  scientific researches  and practice in the field of quantum medicine;
  •      - publication and diffusion of scientific  results, achievements and possibilities of quantum medicine through mass media and special editions;
  •      - get a new periodical devoted to methods and equipment of quantum medicine; other publishing activity in development and spread of technologies of quantum medicine;
  •      - organizing training of doctors, engineers and technicians for practical work in the field of quantum medicine and application of appropriate equipment;
  •      - co-operation with higher educational institutions  on working out of educational training programs, training and refresher courses for medical personnel;
  •      -  collaboration with public  organizations (legal  entities) interested in obtaining government funding for the programs applied (government  grants), contracts for works and services in the field of quantum  medicine;
  •      - participation in the Russian and foreign exhibitions, symposiums, seminars and conferences related to  quantum medicine;
  •      - conclusion of bilateral and multilateral agreements on cooperation with organizations and associations of other countries;  participation in international and Russian non-profit-making organizations  as well as other activity that might be useful in attaining the objectives of the Association.

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