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     "Med" as a medical and "Nat" as the nature, that’s meant that this MedShow represented all that relates to alternative medicine. It is held annually in the spring in Lausanne, the French-speaking part of Switzerland. This year it was held from 26 to 29 March.
     Salon was visited by about 15,000 people, including many experts in the field of alternative medicine, researchers and ordinary people who are interested in modern methods of strengthening and improving their health. Also the various associations and schools of alternative medicine were represented there.


TheraNat Swiss Rikta


Rikta Swiss


     TheraNat company participated in the MedShow for the first time. Jean Pierre Chapuis, (J-P Chapuis TheraNat SA Ltd Rue de la Byronne 20 1800 Vevey Director of TheraNat gave a lecture on quantum medicine.

      It must say that there is a growing interest of the consumers who is looking for new, effective, painless and non-invasive treatments. There were a lot of questions: how to operate RIKTA devices, how effective was the devices, how quickly you could heal some various diseases etc.

      TheraNat company represented also filters for cleaning water. At the moment this is the very serious  problem for everybody, because the water quality is very important for maintaining health.


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