25 International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals, Moscow, December 7-11, 2015

     The 25th International Exhibition for Health Care, Medical Engineering and Pharmaceuticals “Zdravookhraneniye2015” was held in Moscow Expocentre on December, 7-11, 2015.  
     A unique combination of information and exhibition space creates new great opportunities to promote innovative products for practical medicine, and attracts leading manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, health care professionals, government and business representatives, and everybody involved with the health care industry from all over the world.


     Key Focus:

     · Medical equipment and diagnostics:

     - functional diagnostics;
     - radiology;
     - ultrasound equipment;
     - laser equipment and instruments
     - instruments.

     · Innovative medical technology
     · Modern information technologies in medicine
     · Dentistry and others


     Traditionally RIKTAMED and MILTA-PKP GIT companies have participated in this event.

     We have demonstrated some desktop and laptop models of the quantum therapy devices of RIKTA® series. One of our latest engineering development, emitters T1E/T2E with TENS function for desktop models and a new handbook/manual for its application, was of great and particular interest to visitors: medical professionals, engineers, individual users.

     About 350 people using RIKTA® devices in professional and home practice for a long time, visited our Booth F118 at the Exhibition. They noted the RIKTA® effectiveness in treatment of not only diseases of the joints and spine but of a wide range of different diseases also.

     A large number of positive responses were given by urologists: such disorders as enuresis, prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis were successfully treated by specialists in this field.

     Quantum therapy is very effective in gastroenterology also: gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenum, biliary dyskinesia, pancreatitis etc.

     Some of veterinary doctors who also visited our Booth expressed a desire to try a new developing of our specialist – RIKTA-VET device for  quantum therapy of small animals.

     During the exhibition, our experts in the field of laser medicine, conducted some master classes on quantum therapy.


Laser therapy rikta

E.Ya.Gatkin, MD, Professor, Head of biophysical methods in medicine, People's Friendship University, Moscow


Laser therapy rikta

G.A.Kazakov, laser reflexologist


Laser therapy rikta

E. G.Osipova, MD, a physical therapist, laser specialists, pediatrician


     Next year MILTA-PKP GIT company celebrates the quarter-century anniversary.

     We are going to celebrate this upcoming date by updating the RIKTA group devices.

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